The Prodigal Parents

by Ryuzaki13


Chapter 6 -- Another Prodigal Parent

Miya blinked and looked incredulously at the cat she was holding. "Uncle Meowth! Are you serious?!" she gasped.

"Me-meow," the cat muttered.

Meowth folded his arms across his chest. "Perfectly serious. She even said so."

Charms placed a paw on Meowth's shoulder. "Pop, dis my ma?" she whispered.

Meowth looked down at his daughter and wrapped an arm around her. "Yeah, she is, kitten," he replied.

Charms's brow furrowed as she looked up at Meowsie.

"James, what's going on?" Judith whispered to her son.

"This is Meowth's ex-wife, Meowsie," James whispered back. "She walked out on him after Charms was born."

Judith and Quentin exchanged guilty looks. They knew all too well what it was like to be parents who'd never been there for their child.

"Meow. Me-meow, meow," said Meowsie.

"She sez she wants ta talk ta me...dat dere's a lotta stuff she needs ta straighten out with me," Meowth translated. And to himself, he added, Dat's an understatement!

"So, what are you going to do?" James prompted.

Meowth looked down at the ground. He honestly didn't know how to answer that question. Deep down inside, he still loved Meowsie and was happy that she'd come back...but seeing her again also brought back a lot of painful memories. The heartbreak he'd felt all the times Meowsie had rejected him...the anger he'd felt when she'd left him and Charms -- it was all more acute than ever.

What should I do? he wondered. If I give her another chance, and she walks out on me again, I don't think I can handle it! And what'll it do ta Charms? How's she gonna feel if her mom leaves her a second time? I can't hurt my little girl like dat -- I'd never forgive myself if dat happened! Tears welled up in his eyes, but he quickly brushed them away and looked at Meowsie. But how can I not give her another chance? She looks like she's been on the street -- she can't really be happy livin' like dat! Maybe she's like James's parents, and she's finally realized what she's missin' out on! Besides, I do care about her, and she is Charms's mom. I can't turn my back on her -- I'm better den dat!

"Alright, Meowsie. We can talk," he answered after a long pause.

She nodded.

"But not here," he continued. His expression softened. "C'mon home with us -- ya look like hell!"

Another nod. "Meow."

"Don't mention it," he said.

"Come on, kids," Jessie said as she led Eric and Rose to the Jeep. Once the two of them had climbed into the back seat, Miya, who still had Meowsie wrapped in her jacket, got in with them. Meowth and Charms followed.

"Is there anything you need us to do, son?" Quentin asked.

"Well, if you and mom want to come back to the house with us, I'd appreciate it," James told him. He cast a quick glance at the Jeep. "I think Meowth and Charms are in for a rough night -- they'll need all the moral support they can get."

"Then we'll be right behind you," Judith replied.

James gave his parents a hug. "Thanks. This means a lot to me."

"You're welcome," said Quentin.

After talking to his parents a moment longer, James got into the Jeep with the rest of his family and began the long drive home. For several minutes, nobody said a word.

But then Charms broke the silence.

"Ya look real hungry, ma. Want the rest of my chicken burro?" she asked quietly. "It was real big, and I could only eat half...."

Tears welled up in Meowsie's eyes as she looked at her kitten. Yes. Thank you, Charms, she answered.

Miya brought the leftover burro from Charms's doggie-bag and held it for Meowsie while she ate. She devoured the whole thing within a couple of minutes.

Thank you, Meowsie repeated, licking her chops. That was the first food I've had in ages that hasn't come out of a dumpster!

Meowth's brow furrowed as he turned away from her and looked out the window at the starry night sky.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Meowsie found that she had enough energy to groom herself, so she proceeded to lick her paws and wash her coat clean. By the time the Woodsons got home, her fur was cream-colored once again.

"Meowth, do you want us to keep an eye on Charms while you talk to Meowsie?" Jessie offered.

"Yeah," he said. "I want Charms ta talk ta her mom too, but I need some time alone with her first."

"Don't want her in the room if things get ugly, huh?" she remarked. "That's how James felt when he talked to his parents the other day."

Meowth hung his head. "I know. I just hope things turn out okay for me and Charms, the way dey did for you and James and the kids."

"I'm sure they will, Meowth," she assured him. "I said it to James, and I'll say it to you -- you're a wonderful pokemon, and Meowsie would have to be blind not to realize that."

Meowth reached up and gave his friend a hug. "Thanks, Jess. Dat means a lot."

Jessie planted a kiss on his golden charm. "Don't mention it." She set the cat down again, and they went inside the house. "Now let's go. The sooner you get things straightened out with Meowsie, the better...."


"So...what's goin' on, Meowsie?" Meowth asked. The two cats had gone into James's office so that they could speak in private. "Did ya really wanna talk ta Me-owth, or were we just in the same place at the same time?"

I do want to talk to you, Meowth, she confirmed. I know that what I did to you and Charms was wrong, and I'm sorry....

"Den, why the HELL didja do it in the first place?!" Meowth demanded. "Do you have any idea how much it hurt, ta think you'd finally fallen in love with me, only ta find out dat ya still thought I was a freak?! Do ya have any idea how much it hurt when Charms asked me why she don't have a mommy like Miya, Eric, and Rose, and I had ta tell her what you'd done?! I made damn sure she knew it wasn't her fault and dat you'd just fallen outta love with me, but it still upset her like nobody's business! And Charms and I wasn't the only ones dat was upset -- Jessie and James and Gary and Arwen was devastated when ya left, too! Poor Arwen musta cried all night when she heard the news, and Jess was under enough stress as it was with everything dat had been happenin' durin' her pregnancy -- worryin' about me and Charms on toppa dat was the last thing she needed! I've had ta deal with dat every single day for nearly thirteen years now! So I think you owe me and Charms a whole helluva lot more den a little apology!"

I know that, Meowth, Meowsie told him. I owe you an explanation for why I left. It wasn't really your fault, and it certainly wasn't Charms's. I did it because...because I needed something....

Meowth's expression softened. "What did ya need, Meowsie? If dere was somethin'...anythin' I coulda done ta make ya happy, den ya shoulda told me, and I woulda done it! How was I ta know somethin' was wrong if ya never said?"

Meowsie looked down at the floor. That's just it, Meowth -- it wasn't anything I needed from you. It was something I had to do by myself. It was my old owner. Ever since she abandoned me, I just felt so betrayed, and nothing could make that go away. I was happy with Leona, and I thought she really loved me -- for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why she'd just turned me away, all of a sudden. Deep down, I wondered if...maybe I'd done something to make her stop loving me. That made me feel like I wasn't a good enough wife to you, and I didn't feel like I could be a good enough mother to Charms either. I knew that I had to find out why she did it if I had any hope of moving on with my life. Does that make sense?

Meowth stepped closer and placed a paw on her shoulder. "Meowsie, ya still shoulda told me how ya felt. Believe me, if ya needed ta find yer old owner and have closure for dat part of yer life, den Jess, Jim, and I woulda helped you in any way we could. We've always done dat for each other, and we woulda done it for you, too."

I know that now...and it makes me feel all the worse about leaving you, she sighed. I feel like I'm no better than...her.

"So...did ya find what you was lookin' for?" Meowth prompted.

I suppose, Meowsie sniffled. After leaving you and Charms, I stowed away on a boat to America. I remember, just before she abandoned me, Leona said that all of her money was gone, and she'd seemed to have most of her belongings with her in the car when she'd been driving away, so I figured she wasn't living in her mansion in Beverly Hills anymore. I searched the whole city, but I couldn't find her anywhere. So, I searched other cities -- I must've spent years traveling across America, looking for her. And then, I finally found her...homeless on the streets of New York City. Leona didn't recognize me, though -- she just said I reminded her of a cat she used to have a long time ago...and then she just talked about the jeweled collars and the diamond-studded poke ball and all the other fancy things she'd bought for me. That was when I'd realized that she'd never really loved me -- I'd just been an accessory to her. That was why she'd been able to toss me aside without a second thought....

"Well, I coulda told ya dat," said Meowth. "She never woulda abandoned ya if she really cared about ya. Even if she couldn't afford ta keep ya anymore, she shoulda at least found a new home for ya -- dere was no excuse for her turnin' ya out on the street the way she did!"

Good point, Meowsie conceded. Anyway, once I accepted that Leona never really loved me, I was able to forget about her. And then, I started thinking about you and Charms, and all the rest of my friends again. I looked back on my life and realized that I was happier with you and Jessie and James than I'd ever been with Leona...because unlike her, you really did love me. I thought of how you taught yourself to walk upright and talk for my you tried to rescue me from a life on the streets after I was abandoned...and how you forgave me for all the times I'd rejected you and took me in again after I finally left that Meowth gang. And I realized that I never should've left you in the first place.

So, I left America and took another boat back to the Orange Islands. But when I finally returned to The Big Orange, I saw that Salon Roquet was closed, and you'd all moved away! Meowsie continued. I searched all over the Orange Islands, but I couldn't find you anywhere. So then I came to the mainland, and I've been searching Kanto and Johto. I knew that you were going to be mad at me if I ever found you again -- and I don't blame you, Meowth -- but I had to come back. Even if you can't forgive me, I had to explain why I did what I did...and to tell you that I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Meowth.... Her voice trailed off, and the tears in her eyes began to spill down her cheeks.

Meowth put his arms around her and rested his chin atop her head. "It's okay, Meowsie. I ain't mad at ya...not anymore," he soothed.

She looked up at him. You're not?

"I was for a long time," he admitted. "But now dat I know ya didn't leave cuz of me or Charms, I feel a lot better. Still, I wish ya woulda told us what was botherin' ya. Jess and Jim and I woulda helped ya find Leona and deal with what she did to ya. And even if ya felt it was somethin' ya needed ta do on yer own, we woulda respected dat too...and at least ya woulda known dat you could always come home ta us once you was ready."

I know that now, Meowsie sighed. More tears welled up in her eyes. Looking back, I feel so stupid! I wasted almost thirteen years of my life, and for what? To learn that I was happy right where I was! I never should've left you in the first place....

"But ya did come back," Meowth reminded her. "And dat's what really matters."

You mean you'd take me back? Just like that? she asked.

"Answer me somethin', Meowsie," he said. "Do ya love me?"

Of course I do, Meowth, came her reply. I used to think that being different made you a freak, but I was wrong -- being different made you better. And you did that for me. During those long years on the road, I realized that what you did for me meant so much more than any of the expensive things Leona ever bought me.

This made Meowth smile. "And do ya love Charms?"

How could I not love her? Meowsie answered. She's our kitten. And she's so adorable and smart and sweet -- I want more than anything to be the kind of mother she deserves!

Meowth gave her another hug and planted a kiss atop her head. "And ya will be," he assured her. "Welcome home, Meowsie."

Meowsie nuzzled into him and licked his cheek. Thank you, Meowth....


Jessie glanced down the hallway towards the office door. "They've been in there an awfully long time," she remarked.

"Well, I imagine they have a lot to talk about, honey," James reminded her. He looked over at his parents, who were sitting on the sectional with Miya, Eric, and Rose. "I know mom, dad, and I sure did the other day."

"So, what exactly happened between Meowth and Meowsie?" Judith inquired.

Jessie and James looked at Charms, who was curled up on Miya's lap.

"It's okay, aunt Jessie and uncle James -- pop and I already talked about dis when I was little," Charms told them. "I don't mind if ya tell 'em."

Miya looked down at the little cat. Despite what Charms had said, she could tell that it was a painful subject for her. "Come on, Charms. Why don't we take the toys that grandma and grandpa bought for us upstairs?" She turned to her younger brother and sister. "You too, guys."

The hint wasn't lost on Charms. "Sounds like a plan ta me," she replied.

"Okay, Miya," Rose answered.

Eric nodded. "Yeah. We heard aunt Meowsie's story when we were little. I don't wanna hear it again -- it's sad."

Once the children had gathered their toys and started heading for their rooms, Jessie and James turned their attention back to Quentin and Judith.

"Meowth fell in love with Meowsie a long time ago -- a few years before he joined Team Rocket and met us," Jessie began. "But she was owned by a rich woman, and Meowth was just an alley cat, so Meowsie didn't love him back. Meowth was determined to win her love, though -- that's why he taught himself to talk and walk on two legs."

"Meowth is quite impressive!" Quentin remarked.

James continued the story. "Well, Meowsie wasn't impressed. When Meowth came back to her and showed her what he'd accomplished, she told him that he was still just a street cat...and even worse, now he was a freak, too!"

Judith covered her mouth with her hand. "That's awful! Poor Meowth!"

Jessie nodded. "Meowth was heartbroken. But he still wanted to win her love, so he set out to find fame and fortune...and ended up with me and James."

"A few years after Meowth joined us, we went back to Hollywood, and Meowth found out that Meowsie had been abandoned by her owner -- the old bat had run out of money and just turned her out on the street!" James went on. "When Meowth learned that she'd been taken by the gang that he used to run with, he tried to rescue her...but she ended up staying with the Persian who was leader of the gang because she felt grateful that he'd taken her in."

"That didn't last long, though," said Jessie. "Because a few years after that, we ran into Meowsie again. She'd found out that the Persian hadn't really cared about her -- he'd only wanted her for one thing, and when she hadn't given it to him, he'd started being mean to her. So, she left the gang. And when she found us again, she told Meowth that she'd finally realized that she was wrong about him...and that she loved him because he was the one who'd loved her all along. Meowth forgave her, and the two of them got married. Charms was born the next spring, just a couple of months before Miya."

"And that's when things went wrong again," James sighed. "When Charms was a week old, Meowsie left. No explanation, or anything -- she just left. Poor Meowth was crushed. He figured she'd changed her mind about him again and decided that he was a freak, after all. Jessie and I have always been here for him, and so have our other friends, but it was still hard for him...."

"I just hope he can work things out with Meowsie now that she's back," Jessie concluded. "He deserves that...."

At that moment, the door to James's office opened, and Meowth came out, followed by Meowsie. The two cats had tears in their eyes, but they were both smiling.

"Hey, Meowth," James said. "How are you doing?"

Meowth's smile became a grin. "Never better, Jimmy!" he answered.

"What happened, Meowth?" Jessie asked. "What's going on?"

"I found out why Meowsie left...and it wasn't cuz of me or Charms," he explained. He then proceeded to tell them what Meowsie had told him.

James cupped his chin in his hand. "That makes sense. Pokemon are extremely loyal to their trainers...and being abandoned or betrayed by somebody that you love is one of the worst feelings in the world."

Jessie scooped Meowsie into her arms and scratched behind her ears. "You poor thing. I know how much something like that hurts. But you didn't have to leave because of it -- you should've told us, and we'd have helped you."

"Me-meow," Meowsie said.

"Dat's exactly what I told her...and she sez she knows dat now," Meowth translated. "She's sorry for what she did, and she still loves me and Charms. So, I forgave her."

"Just like how James forgave me for all the times I pushed him away," Jessie muttered. "Meowsie, I know how you must've felt -- I had to deal with a lot of those same issues. For a long time, I was afraid to let myself love James because of that...but he never gave up on me. Once he taught me how to trust again, he helped me let go of a lot of the pain I was carrying. And I know that Meowth will do the same for you."

"Meow, meow."

"Yeah. You and Jess are really lucky ladies," Meowth agreed. Suddenly, however, his brow furrowed. "Though, I get the feelin' it may take Charms awhile ta adjust ta dis."

James nodded. "Yes. I got the impression that this was making her uncomfortable."

"I thought as much," Meowth replied. "Don't get me wrong, Meowsie -- Charms needs her mommy. But she don't know ya dat well, and it's gonna take time for her ta get used to ya."

I can accept that, she said.

"I have an idea that might make things a little easier for everybody concerned," Judith piped up.

James raised an eyebrow. "What is it, mom?"

"Well...I was thinking that maybe Meowsie could come and stay with me and Quentin. For a little while, at least," she suggested. "That way, she'll be nearby so that you all can see her whenever you want, but it won't be quite so disruptive to the family dynamic."

Meowth considered Judith's words. "Dat could work. Whaddaya think, Meowsie?"

After a moment of deliberation, Meowsie jumped down from Jessie's arms and went over to Quentin and Judith. "Meow!"

"I take it she likes the idea," Quentin chuckled as Meowsie jumped into Judith's lap.

"Me-meow, meow meow," she said.

"Meowsie sez she agrees dat it'll be easier for Charms ta adjust if she can see her whenever she wants rather den havin' ta see her all the time," Meowth explained. "And she sez thanks for offerin' ta let her live with ya."

"No problem," Judith replied. She scratched behind Meowsie's ears and stroked her soft, cream-colored fur. "We know how it is, Meowsie. Besides, I'd really like to have a kitty!"

Meowsie rubbed up against her and began to purr.

Meowth looked around the room. "Hey. Where is Charms, anyway? Did she and the kids go ta dere rooms, or somethin'?"

James nodded. "Yeah. Jess and I were telling mom and dad about what happened between you and Meowsie. Miya took Charms, Eric, and Rose upstairs because she didn't want them to get upset."

"Den I guess I'd better go get her," Meowth remarked. "It's time for Charms ta meet her mommy!"


"It sure was nice of grandma and grandpa to get us all these toys," Miya commented as she placed her new set of plush Eevee-lutions on the shelf next to her bed. "Three days ago, I never would've imagined that we'd be going shopping with them!"

Charms gave no reply, just sighed.

Miya looked over at the kitten. Charms was sitting on the window sill, staring out at the night sky.

"Hey, I know how you feel," she said, going to Charms's side and placing a hand atop her head. "I felt the exact same way when grandma and grandpa showed up on Sunday. I imagine daddy did, too."

"I know," Charms muttered. "Don't really make it any easier, though." She looked back at Miya. "I'll never forget the look on pop's face the first time I asked him where my ma was. I swear, he looked like he'd been stabbed in the heart. He told me...made absolutely sure I realized dat it wasn't my fault and dat she'd just left cuz she didn't love him anymore, but it still hurt just as much as if it was my fault. I mean, how could ma not love pop?! He's the best!"

"I've been there," Miya told her. "It's like when mom first told me about how grandma and grandpa treated daddy when he was little. Just knowing that somebody had been mean to daddy and hadn't loved him was enough to break my heart."

Charms brushed away the tears in her eyes and gave her cousin a little smile. Miya did, indeed, understand what she was going through. "I guess I feel kinda torn," she admitted. "Part of me wants ta be glad dat ma came back...wants ta believe dat she really does love me and pop and wants ta stay dis time. But den dere's dis other part of me. Part of me dat still wonders why she left in the first place. I mean, if pop and I wasn't good enough for her den, why should anything be different now? And who's ta say she won't leave us again?"

"I'm sure daddy had to ask himself those same questions the other day," Miya assured her. "He was torn, too. Torn between protecting his family and giving his parents a second chance. And the part of him that wanted to forgive grandma and grandpa and move on won out. You have to make your own choice, Charms...but that was the right one for him."

Charms nodded and went back to looking at the sky. Miya scratched behind her ears and joined her in stargazing.

For several minutes, the two girls sat together in silence. But then they heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," Miya said.

The door opened, and they saw Meowth entering the room.

Charms smiled again. "Hey, pop."

Meowth returned her smile. "Hey, sweetheart."

"So, what's goin' on with ma?" she asked.

Meowth walked over to the window and took one of Charms's paws in his own. "She's come home, kitten. And she loves you and Me-owth -- she always has."

Her brow furrowed. "Den why'd she leave us? If she loved us, she wouldn't of hurt us like dat!"

"Yer ma went through some tough times before she married me, Charms. She was still hurtin' cuz of dat...and it was makin' her feel like she couldn't be the wife I deserved or the mom you deserved," Meowth explained. "She needed ta deal with dat...and now dat she realizes how much she hurt us by not lettin' us help her, she's sorry. I wanna give her another chance. What about you?"

Charms looked from Miya to her dad. She still felt torn...but the part of her that wanted a mother won out. After all, James was happy that he'd decided to forgive his parents, and she knew that she'd be happy if she did, too. "Yeah. I wanna give her another chance, too."

Meowth gave his daughter a hug. "Dat's my girl."


"Alright, champ. It's time to get your bath and start getting ready for bed," Gary announced once the documentary that Sam had been watching on the Discovery Channel had ended.

Sam turned off the TV and started heading up the stairs. "Okay, daddy."

Gary watched his eldest son for a moment and smiled. Once he was out of sight, he went into the kitchen to check on the pecan and pumpkin pies that he and Arwen were baking for Thanksgiving.

While he was peeking into the oven, the phone began to ring.

Who could this be? Gary wondered. He closed the oven again and picked up the receiver. "Hello?....Oh, hi, James!....We're doing fine. How about you?" His eyes went wide as he listened to what his friend was telling him. "Really? Oh, wow! That's great! And how are Meowth and Charms taking it?....Yeah, I imagine it's a lot to absorb. But I know they'll be just fine, and...." Gary smiled again. "She did?....Well, that's good to know. I'm sure it makes Meowth feel a lot better. Thanks for telling me about that, James -- I'm so happy for Meowth and Charms, and I know Ari and the boys will be, too!....Yeah, we'd love to have dinner with you again this weekend. Ari will be glad to see Meowsie again, and Sam and Dev will like meeting her....Okay, you have a happy Thanksgiving, too. Take care, James. And tell Jessie and the kids that we said hi....Okay. Bye!"

"Who was that, honey?" Arwen asked as she joined her husband in the kitchen. She'd just finished giving Devon his bath -- he was now dressed in his blue pajamas, and she was getting a bottle for him.

"It was James," Gary answered. "He had some great news. You'll never guess what happened after we left Casa Bonita this evening!"

Arwen's dove-gray eyes sparkled. "What?"

"They found Meowsie again!"

Arwen gasped.

"James didn't go into details, but he said that she and Meowth worked things out...and that she didn't leave because of Meowth or Charms," Gary explained. "She still loves them, and she's come back to them. She's gonna be staying with Quentin and Judith while Charms gets to know her. James invited us to dinner again this weekend. He said Meowth will be happy to tell us the whole story then."

Tears welled up in Arwen's eyes. "Oh, Gary! That's wonderful!"

Gary wrapped an arm around her waist and rested his forehead against hers. "It sure is, Ari!"

Arwen returned Gary's embrace and smiled. "I remember, Meowth and Meowsie's wedding was our first real date...and that was the night you told me you loved me for the first time."

"I remember that, too," he said. "It was nothing short of magical."

"I always felt so bad that Meowsie had left poor Meowth -- it's good to know that things are starting to work out for him," she continued. "After all, Jessie and James are happy together, and I'm so happy with you, Gary. Meowth deserves that, too."

"He certainly does, Ari," Gary agreed. "I've always admired Jessie and James and Meowth. They had such rough pasts, but with a lot of hard work, friendship, and love, they turned their lives around. And now, with James reconciling with his parents and Meowth reunited with Meowsie, I have a feeling that things are going to be getting even better for them. And it's about time!"

"Another part of that white tomorrow they always dreamed about?" Arwen ventured.

Gary looked out the window at the starry night sky for a moment, then back into the sparkling dove-gray eyes of his wife. "Definitely!"


James's smile grew even wider than it already was as he hung up the phone.

"So, what did Gary and Arwen say?" Jessie asked.

"They were happy to hear the news, of course," came his reply. "Gary also said that he and Arwen and the boys would love to have dinner with us again this weekend. I know Meowth will enjoy telling them the whole story, too."

"He sure will," Jessie agreed. She looked back towards the living room, where Meowth, Charms, Quentin, Judith, Miya, Eric, and Rose were all gathered around Meowsie. There'd been a moment of tension when Meowth had brought the children back downstairs to meet her, but it had quickly passed. Now Meowsie was nuzzling her kitten and promising never to leave her or Meowth again...and Charms seemed comforted by the prospect of being able to see her mother whenever she wanted.

James watched them for a moment as well. Then, he brought a pair of gold-colored ceramic bowls decorated with dancing Meowths from the cupboard.

"I remember those bowls," Jessie remarked. "Gary and Arwen bought them as a wedding present for Meowth and Meowsie!"

James nodded. "Yes. Celebrating Meowth and Meowsie's relationship was such a beautiful way to start their own." He brought a carton of milk from the refrigerator and filled the two bowls. "So what better way to celebrate Meowth and Meowsie's reunion?"

Jessie leaned closer and planted a kiss on his cheek. "I like the way you think, honey."

James winked at her. "That's why you married me!"

"I married you because you're an all-around wonderful man," she reminded him. She looked again at Quentin, Judith, and Meowsie. "You and Meowth have always been my best friends. I remember how happy the two of you were for me when I was finally reunited with my family. And now it's my turn -- I'm so happy that your parents finally appreciate you, James...and that Meowsie finally realized what a good thing she has with Meowth. It's been a long time coming."

"It has, hasn't it?" said James. "For the first time in my life, I don't have any regrets anymore -- I finally feel like I can leave the past behind once and for all. And I'm sure Meowth feels the same way. I know we've still got a lot of work ahead of us, reconciling with mom and dad and Meowsie, and getting used to all of this is going to take some time...but I'm looking forward to it."

Jessie wrapped her arms around James's waist. "I'm looking forward to it, too," she said. "Every second of it!"

James returned his wife's embrace and gazed into her beautiful blue eyes for a moment before touching his lips to hers. When their kiss ended, the two of them picked up Meowth and Meowsie's bowls and rejoined the rest of their family in the living room.

To be Concluded....

Author's Notes

The gold bowls decorated with dancing Meowths that Gary and Arwen bought as a wedding present for Meowth and Meowsie is a reference to Shigeru1313's wonderful story, A Little Luck. ^_^


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