The Homestar Runner Purity Test Purity Test

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
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  1. Do you visit
  2. On a weekly basis?
  3. Daily basis?
  4. More than once a day?
  5. More than five times a day?
  6. Can you name all 12 characters?
  7. Fluently?
  8. Even the old characters who eventually died off? (Homeschool Winner, Mr. Bland, etc)
  9. Have you been following the website since the days of Homestar the Hero and Marzipan possibly being The King of Town's daughter?
  10. Have you seen every Strong Bad email to date?
  11. Can you name at least five people whose emails Strong Bad has answered?
  12. Ten?
  13. Fifteen?
  14. Thirty?
  15. All of them?!
  16. Have you ever e-mailed Strong Bad?
  17. Was it featured?
  18. Do you have any of the Homestar Runner DVDs?
  19. T-shirts?
  20. Plushies?
  21. Other merchandise?
  22. Do you think they should make a spin-off site for Teen Girl Squad, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes, or any of the other cartoons-within-the-cartoon that have been featured?
  23. Have words like "ladytypes", "jorb", and "crazy-go-nuts" made it into your daily vocabulary?
  24. Do you wish there WAS a Crazy-Go-Nuts University?
  25. Do you ever write your own H*R sketches?
  26. Draw your own comics or flash toons?
  27. Read or look at other H*R fan creations?
  28. Ever been to the adulthomestar group on yahoo?
  29. Did you find it traumatizing...
  30. ...or funny?
  31. Did you ever wonder why there wasn't another girl on H*R?
  32. Ever imagine what it would be like?
  33. Actually write/draw it?
  34. Were their love triangles involved?
  35. Or femslash? ;-)
  36. Can you actually understand what Strong Mad is saying?
  37. What The Cheat is saying?!
  38. Ever debated with other H*R-savvy friends about what kind of animal The Cheat is?
  39. Did you name a pet after an H*R character?
  40. Do you ever try to dress up like an H*R character?
  41. Do you find yourself uttering phrases like "I'm a song from the sixties!" or "I was raised by a cup of coffee!"?
  42. In public?
  43. Do you hum "The Geddup Noise Remix" when you push your chair away from your desk to stand up?
  44. Ever hum the "Dangeresque" theme if you're sneaking in past curfew/to the kitchen for a midnight snack/into someone's room/etc?
  45. While everyone else is singing the national anthem, do you sing the Strongbadia anthem?
  46. Do you contemplate on how Homestar can write or hold things when he doesn't have any arms?
  47. Or how Coach Z can talk without a mouth?
  48. Have you ever read the Strong Sad Sadjournal?
  49. Can you find every easter egg in every toon, Strong Bad email, TGS, short, holiday special, etc.
  50. Have you listened to every Marzipan answering machine?
  51. Check the page daily for new ones?
  52. Weekly for Strong Bad emails?
  53. Can you name the themes of all 23 menu pages?
  54. Whenever you're watching a heavy battle scene in a movie or game, or even a sports match, do you ever feel the urge to yell "Now drop a train on 'em!" to the winning side?
  55. Ever actually done it?
  56. Is "crap-for-brains" your insult of choice?
  57. Did the drawing of Lil' Brudder make you cry?
  58. Ever tried to make your own renditions of food concoctions shown on H*R? (Sudsu, Melonade, Bronco Trolleys, etc)
  59. Do you consider the Chapman brothers geniuses and gods among men?
  60. Have you ever written to them to tell them so?

Good going!